About Us

"Define the future..."

We scout for disruptive early stage startup companies & pre-IPO ventures

Based on the Isle of Man, we are a privately held entity which seeks to discover and invest in startups which delight customers, create culture, build brands and disrupt markets.

Argadnel offers startups liquidity to their founders, advisors and employees during their accelerated growth phases, in exchange for an equity stake in their company. We use a number of platforms, such as SecondMarket, SharesPost and Angel List to execute transactions on our behalf.

We don't act like a big VC firm and don't make bold statements on how our experience will develop a business. We simply help provide the liquidity companies require when they need it most, and allow them to continue growing.

Argadnel does not seek to influence the operations of the companies it invests in; we aim to hold stakes in revenue generating businesses through to and beyond an IPO or acquisition. If you have a great team, a disruptive product and plan to execute your vision, we would like to hear from you.

What We Seek

Argadnel invests across a number of key technology market segments including online retail & services, cloud & infrastructure, mobile and content. We don't just study our markets; we are active users of the products in which we invest.

Partnering with stand out entrepreneurs and their teams is our main objective. We offer post-seed funded companies liquidity to their founders, employees, advisors and investors. We do not look to upset the existing dynamics of the company; instead we look to hold our investment to achieve yields in the future.

We constantly seek committed entrepreneurs, who are not afraid to pass on an acquisition offer in order to build their vision. Argadnel looks to develop strong partnerships with other investors and trusts management teams to deliver a return on the investment.

What We Focus On

Argadnel is focused on startups that are disrupting the following verticals:

> Social/Mobile/Local Applications
> Big Data
> Online Commerce & Payments
> Internet of Things
> Enterprise Solutions
> Web Based Infrastructure
> Robotics
> Logistics
> Sport & Fitness
> Agriculture
> Healthcare
> Consumer Electronics

Our Strategy

Investment Criteria

The criteria's on the left outline what you can expect during our investment decision-making process.

Market Size

We look to both the size of the available market for a product or service and the timescale taken for it to develop. We consider businesses that address markets that are beginning to ripen instead of those that are several years away.

Leading Edge

We believe users and customers always find the market leader. We look to invest in a product or service that retains its users and customers and improves their experience.

There will always be competitors but we look to companies that can back up their brand with a product or service that is unquestionably 'best of breed'.

Business Model

We are looking for companies that make economic sense long into the future. The business model must take advantage of barriers to entry, setting out a path for continued growth and long term profitability.

Management & Talent

Since we take a 'hands-off' approach to our investments, we look for well rounded management teams which have built their product from the outset. These teams believe that their continued vision can take the company further. We see value in founder led businesses, instead of share-holder pleasing CEO's.

We expect key members of the management team to posses the core skills and attributes to work from shop floor to boardroom. A company which invests time and money in attracting a talented workforce is a priority to us.

Industry Disruption

Ideally we look for 'first-mover' companies that achieve rapid growth due to low barriers in brand development and viral network opportunities.

We particularly like 'left-field' companies that are radically changing how a traditional industry operates.

Our Exit

Naturally, our objective is to deliver a high yield on our investments. As we look to invest in early and late stage ventures, we monitor the surrounding market to see synergies that others may miss. Such synergies may lead to cross market acquisitions or management buyouts.

Our preferred route is to hold our investment through to an IPO and beyond. We expect that the companies we invest in will be acquired or publicly list within 2 to 3 years.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Please use the following icons to connect with us. If you believe you have a venture that could be of interest to us please email us with a brief outline and your contact details.

We are based in the Isle of Man, located within the British Isles.

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